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Downtown Alley Enhancement Project

Pilot Project

In 2004, the City’s Fort Collins Downtown Strategic Plan identified the alleys in the Downtown area as an untapped opportunity for enhanced pedestrian connections. A couple of years later, UniverCity Connections reinforced this notion and suggested the alley network between CSU and Downtown could establish a unique physical link between CSU, Old Town Square and the River District. In 2006, the Downtown Development Authority initiated a pilot project which included improving the pedestrian-only Trimble Court (connecting College and Old Town Square) and Tenney Court (connecting Mountain Avenue with the Civic Center Parking Structure). Our goal in initiating this project was to enhance the alleys aesthetically and to stimulate increased economic vitality and use of these spaces.

pdfFort Collins Downtown Alleys Master Plan
Dec 1, 2008 | 94 pags | 31m
Master Plan

In 2008, the DDA engaged local design firm Russell+Mills Studios to create a master plan of the alleys between CSU, Downtown and the River District. Once the existing alleys were surveyed, Russell+Mills Studios produced a master plan showing a vision for what the alleys could potentially become with both public and private investments. The master planning process included a concept workshop with downtown building owners and business community, two open houses, and input opportunities with several City boards and commissions.

Phase I – Three Alleys Completed

Old Firehouse Alley and Montezuma Fuller Alley- Completed 2010
In 2010, the first two alleys designed for full vehicular access were constructed. The alleys feature pavers, pedestrian-scaled lights, and Tivoli (string) lights at the entrances, flower pots, street furniture, and storm water management improvements. There is a new storm sewer system in Montezuma Fuller Alley that ties into the Oak Street outfall. Another storm line was added to connect the main Old Firehouse alley to Jefferson Street in the future. A total of five trash enclosures were built in the alleys and now serve many of the businesses, residents and restaurants on the blocks. Several locally-quarried boulders were placed in the alleys as benches. In collaboration with the City’s Art in Public Places program, 40 granite pavers were engraved with children’s winning drawings on the themes of the alleys: “sustainability” for Montezuma Fuller Alley and “the history of Fort Collins” for Old Firehouse Alley. The projects came in on schedule and on budget. Already private improvements have been taking shape along the alley edges, including a new beer garden patio at Equinox Brewery on Remington Street.


West Myrtle Alley – Completed 2011
The West Myrtle Alley is located near Colorado State University and connects to Myrtle Street, College Avenue, Mason Street, and Laurel Street. The emphasis on contemporary design is reflected in the lighting fixtures, planters, spiraling hanging baskets, custom benches, and ripple patterned paving. A pedestrian-only portion was incorporated into the south end which borders the main campus of Colorado State University, creating vibrant and festive spaces on both public and private property. The alley integrates a “shared-street” concept in which pedestrians and vehicles share the same enhanced space. The shared street is a positive compromise that preserves functionality and access for businesses and provides visitors with fun, vibrant and logical connections between downtown neighborhoods and the CSU campus.
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