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19 Old Town Square
Suite 230
Fort Collins, CO 80524

Backstage Cooperative Arts Warehouse

Providing resources to help arts thrive!

The warehouse is now accepting applications for occasional user groups to participate in the use of the space. The goal is to help support other local non-profit organizations that contribute to drawing an audience to Downtown Fort Collins through the production, presentation, exhibition, advancement or preservation of science, art, music, theater, dance, or the spoken word.

Strategic investments in the arts downtown are an investment in the economic health of the district. For this reason, an important aspect of the mission of the DDA is to increase the viability and visibility of the arts downtown.

For many performing arts groups, space for rehearsing, set building and storage can be expensive and difficult to find. In 2009, the Downtown Development Authority identified a way to honor its mission by purchasing a 22,000 square foot facility at 720 East Vine Drive. We're calling it the Backstage Cooperative Arts Warehouse.

The Backstage Cooperative Arts Warehouse provides performing arts groups access to no-cost storage, rehearsal, set-building and meeting space. The space is alo available on a temporary basis to qualifying groups. For more information, contact Derek Getto 970-419-4383 or dgetto@fcgov.com.
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