Downtown Alleys

In 2004, the City’s Fort Collins Downtown Strategic Plan identified the alleys in the Downtown area as an untapped opportunity for enhanced pedestrian connections.

In 2006, Trimble Court and Tenney Court were the the first two alleys to be enhanced.

In 2008, the DDA engaged local design firm Russell+Mills Studios to create a master plan of the alleys between CSU, Downtown and the River District. This master plan is a vision for what the alleys could potentially become with both public and private investments.

In 2010, the first two alleys designed for full vehicular access were constructed; Old Firehouse Alley West and Montezuma Fuller Alley.

In 2011, Dalzell Alley was completed between Laurel and West Myrtle across from CSU.

In 2018, two new alleys are under construction; Old Firehouse Alley East and West Mountain Avenue. Visit the construction page for more information.

Alleys Under Construction

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Trimble Court - Completed 2006

Tenney Court - Completed 2006

Old Firehouse Alley (West) - Completed 2010

Montezuma Fuller Alley - Completed 2010

Dalzell Alley - Completed 2011