Opera Galleria Public Atrium Interior Renovation Architectural Services

The purpose of this request for proposals is to engage the design services of an architectural/interior design team to conceptualize and develop renovation options for the ground floor and open-air atrium space of the Opera Galleria Building.

The ground floor atrium of the Opera Galleria Building located at 123 North College Avenue provides access to tenant businesses and office space while serving the dual public purpose as a pedestrian connection from North College Avenue to the alley behind the building as well as a space for limited types of community functions.  Art exhibits, chamber music concerts, Winter Farmers’ Markets and craft shows are examples of the types of events that use the space.  Events programmed in the space  are required to preserve the flow of public pedestrian traffic and cannot impede regular business activity or  be too loud due to the acoustical challenges of the open-air atrium and active professional offices at the atrium mezzanine level.


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Todd Dangerfield, Project Manager
Fort Collins Downtown Development Authority