Downtown Alleys Under Construction

Improving the Downtown Experience

The DDA’s Alley Master Plan is a long term plan to tap into the potential for enhanced pedestrian connections, improved drainage, trash and recycling, and the opportunity to create festive spaces that feature unique lighting, painting, art installations and seating.

Downtown Alleys Under Construction


The East Myrtle Street, West Olive Street, and Harper Goff Alleys are currently under construction. The designs can be found here. 

Thank you for your patience during construction.

Depiction of East Myrtle Street Alley, between South College Avenue and Remington Street and East Myrtle Street and East Laurel Street
Depiction of West Olive Street Alley, located between South Mason Street and South College Avenue and between West Olive Street and West Magnolia Street


Todd Dangerfield
DDA Project Manager
Office: 970.419.8254
Cell: 970.237.9746

Depiction of Harper Goff Alley, located at the intersection of Jefferson Street and Pine Street, parallel to North College Avenue