2019 Sculpture in the Square

The Old Town Square’s sculpture on loan program embraces art as part of everyday life and seeks to promote downtown as an arts destination. Rotating on an annual basis, the juried show brings a variety of contemporary sculptures into this beloved public space. Appreciate and be inspired by the variety, creativity and artistry of each piece.

All sculptures are for sale and can be purchased by calling (970) 484-2020. Your purchase supports these talented artists, while 10% is reinvested into the Sculpture in the Square program.

Vote for People’s Choice!

Each year, you can vote for your favorite sculpture and the winner is announced in August.

The People’s Choice Winner is Jodie Bliss “Transformation”!! 


With Wings Like Eagles by Bill Bunting $7,400

My inspiration for “With Wings Like Eagles” comes from the beliefs of most Native American tribes that the eagle and eagle feathers are sacred, carrying their prayers to The Creator combined with a passage from the ancient text of Isaiah which states, “Those who wait upon The Creator shall mount up with wings like eagles.”

Artist: Shohini Ghosh

“Man” is an ancient symbol found in many ancient scripts. I created a 3-D version stencil sculpture of the symbol out of steel. My sculptures tell a story and have a personality of their own, creating a relationship with the viewers.

Transformation and growth are an important part of any person’s life. The symbols of transformation that I have chosen to incorporate into this muse include a blown-glass cocoon form that hangs from a branch of the tree that makes up the lower-half of her form. The tree has a bit of gnarl to it, perhaps whipped by the wind, and has found a beautiful character in its twists and turns. Toward the bottom of the tree these branches hold green buds, and toward the top they have developed into cherry blossoms. A well-known Buddhist proverb tells us that “The lotus flower blooms most beautifully from the deepest and thickest mud”. This Muse’s headdress is made up primarily of a stylized lotus blossom- a symbol of spiritual ascension.

Curvaceous by Lou DeAngelis $6,500

“Curvaceous” is an attempt to bring more color to stone sculpture and still use rock. The figure took on a full, voluptuous, womanly figure. She is beautiful deep on the inside and also on the outside.

“Mahina” means moonlight in Hawaiian. She is a bioluminescent water nymph whose lithe sapphire body is feminine yet fish-like. Her full lips are quirked in a slight smirk, and she raises one eyebrow slightly, regarding the viewer with interest. Her divergent steel fishtail base is embedded with mosaic glass scales, her center penetrated by a hollow steel spinal column from which her bioluminescence softly emanates, shining through circular glass windows of blue and violet. Low-energy LEDs are the source of Mahina’s inner light, powered through a small solar panel integrated into her fishtail base. Mahina’s hands point down toward the earth and underworld. She is the night.

“Omni” dances our eyes around and through, circling upward towards the light. Drops of color sprinkle along, calling us into the circle, calling all of us around for a moment to share, to wonder, and to imagine.