The Old Town Square’s sculpture on loan program embraces art as part of everyday life and seeks to promote downtown as an arts destination.

Rotating on an annual basis, the juried show brings a variety of contemporary sculptures into this beloved public space. Appreciate and be inspired by the variety, creativity and artistry of each piece.

2021 Sculpture in the Square
People’s Choice Winner

Jodie Bliss
“Walking A Tight Line”

2021 Sculpture in the Square Participants

"Battleborn" Jordan Marsh

Battleborn Jordan Marsh 7

"Flame Dance" Annette Coleman

Flame Dance Annette Coleman MAIN

"Walking A Tight Line" Jodie Bliss

Walking A Tight Line Jodie Bliss MAIN

"Coolin' Down" Bill Bunting

Coolin' Down Bill Bunting MAIN 1

"Ascendents" Nick Willett

The Ascendants - Nick Willett MAIN

"The Announcer" Zeke Derderian

The Announcer Zeke Derderian 14

Photos by:  Natalie Dyer | Natalie Dyer Photography

Have to have it?
All sculptures are for sale and can be purchased by calling (970) 484-2020 or
Your purchase supports these talented artists, while 10% is reinvested into the Sculpture in the Square program.